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Well, sometimes life makes it difficult so you maybe learn who really you are. A little after the war, I was wrapping my instrument in a piece of cloth so it's hidden and the police or military couldn't recognise the instrument, otherwise they would brake it or take it from me, just like that. In these conditions I started to learn music when I was nine. Studying music was a dream for me, playing for public, but I couldn't, it was simply impossible. In 2000 I decided to leave my family, friends and my country behind to be able to follow my dream, I ended up in the Netherlands and finally entered the conservatory, able to study and play, freely. Since 2015 I live in Madrid and I offer my unknown background to the world in a new sound, developing many intercultural projects in Europe and Asia... for the rest have a look at my website.

𝆦 Music bachelor at the Prince Claus conservatory, the Netherlands.
𝆧 Master in music and composition at the School of Art and Technology (HKU) in the Netherlands.

Barbat - Oud


Film music award for best new soundtrack to a short film
at "the Unheard Film Festival", the Netherlands

Best music at SCADEMY 16x9 SCAD Film Collective, USA


Parvaneh ensemble
8 June 2018

Centro Persepolis, Madrid, Spain

Parvaneh ensemble
7 June 2018

Teatro Fernan Gomez, Centro cultural de la Villa, Madrid, Spain

Yaran ensemble
23 & 24 May 2018

Festival Música antigua, Granada, Spain

Duet Novan
04 March 2018

Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain

Duet Novan
24 Feb. 2018

Centro persepolis, Madrid, Spain

Duet Novan
23 Feb. 2018

Centro persepolis, Madrid, Spain

03 Feb. 2018

Espacio Ronda, Madrid, Spain

20 Jan. 2018

Auditorio, Ciempozuelos, Spain

London light of music, Cadogan hall
28 Oct. 2017

London, England

Yaran ensemble
6-9 July 2017

Algarve, Portugal


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